March 22, 2023
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The Author

photo used with permission of Maple Ridge News

Liliya Galitskaya

About the Author

Liliya V Galitskaya was born in the Black Sea port of Odessa, Ukraine in 1957. In 1975 she joined 100 applicants for annual entry to the prestigious Ukrainian Art/Theatre Institute of Odessa and was one of ten selected. Liliya was always drawn to Russian fairytales and the writing of Destinies in Motion has been inspired and motivated by her memories of these fascinating stories. The completion of 'Destinies in Motion' has fulfilled her dream of creating a wide-ranging story, complete with a host of different characters, surprises and emotions, that reflects her vision, artistic leanings, incredible imagination and sense of humor.  [Full Biography]

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About the Book

My fantasy novel, "Destinies in Motion", shows the Vladners, a normal family who could easily live next door to any reader, at the time in their lives when the interference of mysterious events has turned their daily existence upside down. It happens that only their cat, Tacker, knows about the nature of these changes but he remains silent; which is why his mistress, the teenage girl Lana Vladner, is forced to commence a quest to unveil the mystery by herself. At the same time, she struggles to find her own place in life.      [Read More]