Tac and Tod viewing Pokerweild Village

Chapter 01.Tac and Tod viewing Pokerwield Village

Chapter 1: Two Cat’s Lives

Tod and Tac were sitting at the side of the road. 

Cool air and soft darkness hugged the overheated village of Pokerweild.  At that moment the summer night was clear of clouds, allowing onlookers to enjoy the show of stars scattered on its dark blue canvas. From where they sat on the hill, the two saw the bright and low-hanging moon illuminate the open spaces of their village, leaving the rest in mysterious shadows. 

The full moon always had a strange power over Tac’s imagination. A game of light and shadow made places that he had seen many times before look different. His own neighborhood had become an unknown, frightening territory and at the same time he was tempted to look deeper into the dark shadows of the bushes, which grew at the side of the road, for possible predators or prey.

The place which Tac had chosen for his meeting with Tod was at the exact spot where the road made a sharp turn to the right and then sloped down towards a small stone bridge across a large creek, separating the village into two parts. The bridge and the sandy country road glimmered with small silver sparks that were created by reflections of moonlight from the surface of countless bits of seashell that had not yet completed their transformation into sand. The road, exposed to the sun, was very hot close to midday and radiated soft waves of heat for many hours after dusk.

A few young village children, coming home late from a movie, were unable to resist the pleasure of walking along the road barefoot. Warm sand soothed and relaxed the tired muscles of their feet and made a nice playground. Usually one of the boys would start a game by stamping on the sand to make it spurt from between his toes like small explosions. This often made his friends laugh, then all of them would get busy trying to find more ways to play with the warm sand by kicking it, or chasing and knocking each other down onto the mat of the road.

Eventually, their mothers’ voices calling them would finish their fun.

Tac had selected near to midnight as the time for the meeting for good reason. He knew that the road would be empty at night and the view from the top of the hill would allow him to see the bridge and the road clearly if someone did appear unexpectedly.

Below the bridge, the road divided itself into two parts. One part branched to the left where the village continued with rows of bungalows built on both sides of the road. Cherry trees, planted on the front lawns, shaded the round, stone walls which were painted in pale blue and surrounded the properties. Instead of having lawns, some village women had preferred to decorate their front yards with great displays of flowers such as different types of marigold, some of which were reddish-brown with single petals in the form of stars whilst others were shaped like big, sunny orange blossoms. Clusters of mint topped with scented, oval flowers were mixed with irises and impatiens. Tall, white and yellow daisies stood in the background like big sisters watching over the children at play. But the night favored other flowers that preferred to bloom.