Destinies in Motion

The storyline

My fantasy novel, “Destinies in Motion”, shows the Vladners, a normal family who could easily live next door to any reader, at the time in their lives when the interference of mysterious events has turned their daily existence upside down. It happens that only their cat, Tacker, knows about the nature of these changes but he remains silent; which is why his mistress, the teenage girl Lana Vladner, is forced to commence a quest to unveil the mystery by herself. At the same time, she struggles to find her own place in life.

It is difficult for Lana to confront magic since she does not believe in it and needs proof of its existence and that is why several strange events, none of which at first sight appear to be connected one with the other, start to unfold around her. She meets a stranger from whom she receives a very valuable gift, which motivates her to search for more signs of magic. Then she finds a guide to lead her to the land where her destiny lies, her own pet, Tac, who has suddenly discovered a new talent and becomes involved in activities unusual for a housecat.

As a result of many funny and dangerous events, Tac becomes a treasure hunter and, through a further series of adventures, the wealthy owner of a fairground and an employer of humans. Despite great achievements that bring him the position of king of the nearby woods, the cat is only one of the many animal characters who now start to interact with people, sometimes on a very human level, which provides an answer to the question that has puzzled many pet owners at least once: “What is my cat or dog thinking while it’s mysterious, or trusting, eyes are watching me?”

Of course, there are no fantasy stories that can exist without dragons, wizards, romance or the clashing interests of magical helpers and powerful enemies. The intrigue finally unfolds into the kidnapping of Lana’s baby brother, Troy, by an evil witch bent on exchanging his pure soul for the satisfaction of her own dark desires.

This is a time in her life when Lana needs to make a choice; whether to be a passive fence-sitter by relying on someone else to take-over her affairs or to accept the challenge presented to her of protecting the old fashioned values of family, friendship and love. At the beginning of the novel, Lana’s character is uncertain and she primarily depends upon the opinions of her friends but, towards the end of it, she consciously takes the responsibility upon herself of finding and saving her own brother and thus ensures her own transition into adulthood.